Sliding Doors Are The New Folding Doors

Elegant doors which are easy to use

The New Wave ComfyDoor is a more elegant and flexible solution than the current bifold doors available on the market. They can slide into any configuration, and lock securely in place with the help of Magnalign technology. Your conservatory will look attractive with the addition of these doors. If you're in Dorset and surrounding areas, you can depend on ComfyRoof for your New Wave ComfyDoors. The advanced slide and swing option makes the ComfyDoor for your conservatory stand apart from the rest. You can choose from either the uPVC Slide and Swing Patio Door and the Aluminium New Wave Door.

With a ComfyDoor, you can be sure of elegance and ease of use. With seamless beautiful lines, you need not worry about unsightly hardware. These doors also have very good thermal and weatherproof properties.

Why choose ComfyDoors?

A ComfyDoor installation provides you with many benefits:

  • As secure as bi-folding doors
  • Fittings parts are concealed
  • A range of glass options
  • Easy assembly and quick fitting
  • Extremely weather tight

Tell us your needs

Your conservatory's not complete without a ComfyDoor installation. If you're in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire or the surrounding areas, talk to an associate to discuss your requirements. These are a few frequently asked questions. You may also want to look at some of our earlier work.

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