Frequently Asked Questions

Will a ComfyRoof conversion make my conservatory dark?

No. If your conservatory has a glass ceiling, there would a slight light reduction. However, as this reduction is insignificant, it'll not affect your enjoyment of using the room.

Will my ComfyRoof ceiling keep the temperature in my conservatory stable all-round the year?

Yes, The multiple reflective and thermally insulating layers keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Will a ComfyRoof conversion affect the look of my conservatory from outside?

No. The exterior of your conservatory will not change.

Will a ComfyRoof conversion solve my condensation problem?

Yes, it'll virtually eliminate condensation altogether.

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Whether you are local to Poole or within 100 mile radius you can rely on ComfyRoof to provide cost effective and conservatory roof replacement. Talk to an associate to discuss your needs. You can also depend on us for conservatory roof insulation. You may also want to look at some of our previous work.

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